11 Sep 2022
Jesus-Formed Community on Mission
Pastor Char reminds us that evangelism is not an event but a posture. Our conviction, as a Jesus-Formed Community on Mission, is that the biblical "bread and butter" of witness...
31 Aug 2022
Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend Part 2
24 Aug 2022
Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend Part 1
26 Jun 2022
Wise Living in a Broken World
Guest speaker, Ray Ortlund, brings us an overview of Ecclesiastes. He reminds us that life is short, so let's pursue the things that matter. Life is good because God is...
9 Jan 2022
God Stories
In "God Stories," we hear several testimonies of the faithfulness of God from members of our congregation. Pastor Brian reminds us that these stories "display the importance of being connected to...
2 Jan 2022
God's Endgame: What’s Your Role?
Pastor Jeff Jackson, founder of Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators, in our first message of 2022, reminds us from Luke 24:44-47 that our God is missionary God. And His methodology and pattern...
3 Dec 2021
Night of Joy
During our 2021 Night of Joy, Hannah Gallagher joyfully encourages us that when our worlds seem dark, we need to set our sights on Jesus, the Light of the World! 
15 Aug 2021
Choose Joy
Guest speaker, Pastor Bobby Conway, shares his message entitled, “Choose Joy,” taken from Habakkuk 3:17–19. We are reminded that as we walk through life, our joy is not determined by...
8 Aug 2021
Sharing Our Faith
Pastor Tommy Cota shares his Acts 5:20 message entitled, “Sharing Your Faith.” We are reminded that we should be Christians who are filled with His Spirit and always looking for...
23 Aug 2020
The Sufficiency of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is sufficient. We can rely on Him to lead us, change us, and strengthen us. Nothing can stop the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives....
2 Aug 2020
Sowing the Seeds of the Kingdom
In his message entitled “Sowing the Seeds of the Kingdom” from Mark chapter 4, Pastor Char Brodersen encourages us to be bold and to look for opportunities to go out...
24 May 2020
Come Out of Hiding
If we find ourselves wallowing in the pigpen of life, Jesus invites us to come out of hiding and come home. Our guest Pastor Bobby Conway, the One Minute Apologist,...
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