Easter 2021


11 Apr 2021
Easter 2021 Recap
What a joyous Easter we had! Seven thousand people gathered with us on campus and at home for a weekend of reflection, repentance, worship, encouragement, and joy! If you missed...
4 Apr 2021
The Good Shepherd, The Cross, and The Resurrection.
He is Risen! Pastor Brian Brodersen shares his special Easter message entitled, “The Good Shepherd, the Cross, and the Resurrection.” On this Resurrection Sunday we are reminded that Jesus came,...
4 Apr 2021
Easter Sunrise 2021
On the third day the friends of Christ coming at daybreak to the place found the grave empty and the stone rolled away. In varying ways they realized the new...
3 Apr 2021
Jesus Is Buried
Jordan Taylor shares our morning reflection on the story that, "Jesus Is Buried" Spend some time this morning reflecting on: – His friends buried Him. – Have you ever buried...
3 Apr 2021
Jesus Rises
Jordan Taylor concludes our week-long reflective journey to the cross with his meditation on, "Jesus Rises." Spend time this evening considering the other side of our greatest fear. Jesus shows...
2 Apr 2021
CCCM Good Friday 2021
CCCM Good Friday Communion service with worship, readings by Hannah Colt, Blake Barnes, Jordan Taylor, Crystal Stevenson, Craig Coffin, and a special message from Pastor Brian Brodersen.
2 Apr 2021
Jesus Dies
John Hwang shares a refection on the station of the cross entitled, "Jesus Dies." Spend some time reflecting on the following: Jesus died. He died. Our greatest fear is death....
1 Apr 2021
Simon Carries Jesus' Cross
Hannah Ostunio shares a reflection on our seventh station, "Simon Carries Jesus' Cross." Begin to reflect on this: – Imagine being pulled from the crowd and carrying this man’s device...
1 Apr 2021
Jesus Is Stripped
Hannah Ostunio shares her reflection on the the station, "Jesus Is Stripped." Romans crucified criminals naked. Reflect on the shame of nakedness in the Garden of Eden. And the shame...
31 Mar 2021
Jesus Is Given His Cross
Thom Walker shares a reflection, "Jesus Is Given His Cross." Join us daily as we walk through the 12 stations of the cross. Reflect on and think about: – The...
31 Mar 2021
Jesus Falls
Thom Walker shares a reflection, "Jesus Falls." Imagine Jesus experiencing weakness and distress in a public setting with nowhere to hide. Imagine the exhaustion of the last 24 hours.
30 Mar 2021
Jesus Is Condemned
Keilah Gaviria continues our walk through the 12 stations of the cross with her reflection, "Jesus Is Condemned." Begin to reflect on this: – Jesus submits quietly and peacefully. –...
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