Joyful Life: Our Great Faith


24 Jan 2020
Discerning the Will of God
15 Nov 2019
The Power of Intercession
God is calling believers to join Jesus, our great High Priest, in the deep fellowship of intercession. We talk to God on behalf of the lost, the compromised, the innocent,...
5 Apr 2019
The Faith Marathon
God's children always get caught! God knows we need His discipline to protect, preserve, prevent injury, and push us to receive the promise of faith. In her message titled, "The Faith Marathon" taken from...
29 Mar 2019
The Cost, Crucible, and Crown of Faith
True faith will always involve a choice, a cost, and a crucible. And the day will come when our faith will be sight and the realities we choose to believe today will...
22 Mar 2019
Activating Faith
Faith is to be assured of the veracity of God's Word, embracing, treasuring, and being directed by God's Word, and confessing and aligning our lives with God's Word. In her Our...
8 Mar 2019
Not a Blind Faith
Faith is the great necessity of our salvation yet it is often misunderstood or misappropriated. Faith has a handbook. It is the Bible. It is the substance of our faith...
1 Mar 2019
The Power of the New Covenant
22 Feb 2019
The Will of the Lord is Good
15 Feb 2019
The Importance of Blood
Life cannot exist without life-giving, purifying, sustaining blood. The valuable, precious, and pure blood of Jesus completely puts away sin and conquers death. Cheryl Brodersen, in her message titled, “The...
8 Feb 2019
Belittle Our Sins
Jesus by His person, procedure, propitiation has perfected for us a greater covenant with God whereby we can enter boldly come into the very throne room of God. Cheryl Brodersen,...
25 Jan 2019
Eight Reasons God's New Covenant is Better Than The Old
What are the eight reasons God's new covenant through Jesus is better than the old? 1) Jesus is a better High Priest 2) His is a heavenly sanctuary 3) Better...
18 Jan 2019
Such a High Priest
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